Rules and Trophy Information


  1. The first named in each tie is the challenger(s). Challenger(s) should take the initiative in contacting the opponent(s) as soon as possible to offer at least three dates (which should not all be in the same week and should include one weekend date). If the opponent(s) can play on none of these three dates she/they should offer in response at least three dates (which should not all be in the same week and include one weekend date).  The opponent(s) may also take the initiative and ask the challenger(s) to offer dates.  Both sides have a responsibility to try to ensure a date is found so that a tie is played within the allocated period.  Short extensions may be given by the Secretary in extenuating circumstances.    If one side has been unable to offer three dates as referred to above either side may ask the Committee to determine which side should go through.  If both sides have offered three dates as above and have not been able to fix a date on which both sides can play, the side to go through will be determined by the toss of a coin done either by the parties or the Committee.
  2. If a match is all square after 18 holes, sudden death under handicap should be used to determine the winner.  In the event that it is impossible to get back onto the course to play a sudden death play off either due to it being busy or through lack of light both sides can replay the tie if a date can be found otherwise the winner will be determined by the toss of a coin.  If a sudden death play off cannot be played due to lack of time on the part of one side then the other side will be the winner.


Championship Bowl – Winner from knock out competition of eight best scratch scores in Medal Championship qualifying competition.

Tappit Hen Best scratch score in Championship Qualifying medal

Runner up Cup Runner up in Championsihp knock out competition

Comiston Cup Winner of the Hole and Hole Singles Competition

Scratch Aggregate Cup Best aggregate of three scratch medal scores

Net Aggregate Medal Best aggregate of three net medal scores.

Dunn Trophies Winners of the Hole and Hole Foursomes competition

Medal Winners Trophy Played for in the last medal of the season. All members may take part but the Trophy may only be won by winners and runners up of that year’s medal competitions or the winner and runner up of the Medal Winners medal of the previous year.

Tri-Am Quaichs Best total stableford score of 2 of 3 players at each hole in the Tri-am Competition

Dougal Trophy  Best eclectic score in competition rounds

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