AGM and Prizegiving

ComistonDinner2017Coleen ComistonDinner2017JaciMandy ComistonDinner2017MoragWe held our AGM and prizegiving on Tuesday 7 November at Merchants Golf Club.  We heard about our past golfing year and also thoughts that have been given by Anne Brownie and Sandra Ashurst to the way we might celebrate our Centenary in 2020.  We enjoyed a good dinner before the prizegiving.  Janet Reid Thomas continued in the style of the past couple of years in winning many of our cups but Hanne Robertson won our hole and hole, Jaci Moriarty and Mandy McBain our foursomes hole and hole and Coleen Derighetti the Medal Winners Medal.  Sandra Ashurst was the runner up in both the singles and foursomes hole and hole. Janet won the SGU silver medal and Caspin Lynch the bronze and they will play in next year’s qualifiers.  Morag Tait was awarded the cup for the lowest net score of the year.  Louise Fraser took the Champions Cup back to what is becoming its home.  She advised she would play in next year’s Champion of Champions for Comiston.  A good night was had by all of us who were there.ComistonDinner2017Caspin ComistonDinner2017Hanne ComistonDinner2017Janet ComistonDinner2017JanetSF ComistonDinner2017Louise ComistonDinner2017Mandy ComistonDinner2017Sandra ComistonDinnerJanet

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